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MCM Capital Partners

A Cleveland, Ohio based private equity firm focused on acquiring niche manufacturers, value added distributors and service companies in aerospace, medical, engineered materials, and diversified industrial markets.

Catching Headline

An outdated website, lackluster messaging, and missed lead generation opportunites left MCM looking for a completely new online presence. With a focus on Brand Impact, establishing thought leadership, and protecting and improving SEO content, GGC delivered.


Brand Appeal

Writing, design Enhancing the overall visual appeal and polish through modern interface, custom lifestyle photography, and animated design elements. Select stock photography and a refined color palette create a strong yet approachable mood.


Interactive Calculator

Business Valuation Calculator is an engaging tool that allows users to understand the value of their business and the factors affecting it. As part of a lead generation and organic search progam, the tool aims to provide MCM with qualified deal opportunites.


Robust Educational Resources

Strategic and programmatic display of a variety of related content pieces enhance the user's journey and drives site engagement - offering up topic-relevant content at relevant moments - all built on a site structure that is easy to maintain.

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